Sunday, January 23, 2011

Muriel Stockdale’s “E Pluribus” – On Display at ARC Fine Art LLC (Fairfield, CT)

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Muriel Stockdale’s E PLURIBUS: A series of United States flags celebrating this nation’s rich diversity

3113 Bronson Rd

Fairfield, CT



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Muriel Stockdale's United States flag series, E PLURIBUS, expresses the many colors of patriotism found everyday in the United States, which is perhaps the most diverse culture in the world. Muriel's flags are exquisitely hand crafted in the USA from typical fabrics representing diverse cultures that make up this American mosaic.

As an immigrant herself, Muriel is awed by the harmonious co-existence of Americans who celebrate their freedom in all possible ways. This country was created by dissension and protest against oppression and out of that was forged superb documents and mandates that guarantee freedom and hope for all people.

Patriotism is multifaceted, multicolored and multidimensional; here is a series of surprising American Flags that invite a broader look at what patriotism is and can be in the future.

The flags are not intended as an expression of American imperialism but merely as a celebration of diversity and harmony among all people here within the United States.

It is the mission of this project to speak out and celebrate diverse America and especially to point out equality within gorgeous difference of expression. Only by recognizing each other within our rights to be different may we restore hope and freedom for all people.

E PLURIBUS - United States of America - "living together and loving each other"

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