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Visionary - Regional Call for Entry

VISIONARY (SAQA Regional) ME/NH/VT, Lead Regions but MA/RI, CT & NY also eligibleDeadline: December 31, 2019

Visionary is a clear-eyed exploration of what we see. Think about events you see happening in the years 2020 and 2021 or what might happen in the future. Or think about other ways that we "see.” Some examples might include "seeing" from a distant vantage point or a close-up view, "seeing" through play or discovery, "seeing" through color or light and shadow. Consider adding text to your piece so that viewers can see your idea in another way. Also consider that negative space in artwork can be described as the space we don't see. You could incorporate thoughtful use of negative space as part of your design. Negative space is not the same as negative concepts--but you could explore negative
concepts if you wish as well.

Quilts for this exhibit must be 20” x 20”, wall-hung, with a standard 4” rod pocket.
Juror: Carol Larson,…

News from Carol Vinick

Carol Vinick had her very first art quilt, Amnesty, was juried into Forced to Flee, a global exhibition sponsored by the Studio Art Quilt Associates.
“Bubbie Gross, a quilt of my great grandmother, will be part of a show called The Immigrant at the Mandell Jewish Community Center this summer."  The opening is Sunday, June 30th, from 2-4 pm.  The address is 335 Bloomfield Ave, in West Hartford.  
Carol will also be “Artisan of the Month” at the Norfolk Artisans Guild for the Month of July.   The address is 10 Station Place, off of route 44. 

Minutes from June 15th Meeting

Thanks to Kelly Lorraine for the minutes of the June meeting!

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, we met at Close to Home in Orange. We had 18 members in attendance. It was a small but boisterous group. We are so grateful to Close to Home for hosting us!
We started off strong, going straight to our speaker, Martha Sielman. In addition to being SAQA’s executive director since 2004, she is also a professional artist, author, lecturer, curator, juror, and art administrator - all while raising five children!
Recognizing that art quilts were a predecessor to the Modern Quilt Movement, the Modern Quilt Guild requested that Martha write a history of the art quilt. As the art quilt is not a “dead” history but an ongoing movement and story, she co-wrote and recently published Arts Quilts Unfolding. This talk, “Layered & Stitched: The Art Quilt Movement”, was a brief overview of that unfolding.
The end of the 1950s was likely when the first quilt was created for the purpose of making art (rather than a…