Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Who Made a New Year's Resolution to Organize Their Studio?

Have you made a resolution to organize your studio or sewing space and you haven't gotten around to it yet? To paraphrase a familiar proverb, the best time to begin your New Year resolution was January 1st. The second-best time is right now.


Karen Brown of "Just Get it Done Quilts" says "Decluttering is all about getting stuff out of your space. That includes: 
  • garbage
  • broken and damaged items
  • things that belong in other spaces in your home
  • stuff that needs to be returned to a Sew Mate
  • objects you no longer need, use or like
  • things that no longer serve you
  • and stuff that no longer makes sense in your space.

Already overwhelmed? Just take a deep breath and tell yourself 'You got this!' To set yourself up for success, try out my tips and tricks." 

Watch this before you begin the Declutter Challenge: 🧹BEFORE WE BEGIN - DECLUTTER CHALLENGE 2022 - YouTube

Then move on to the next organizational videos:

Every day from January 1-21, Karen offers another helpful video and blog post, focusing on specific items. You can binge watch them or take a day at a time. The important thing is to make a commitment and set aside some time each day to declutter.

As Brown says in her first post, "These are meant to be short 15-30 minute bursts of decluttering. It's not a marathon. Decluttering is a cycle. We live in a time where material things (no pun intended) flow in and out of our lives. So if at the end of 21 days, you still have work to do, simply start again."

Remember to take BEFORE and AFTER photos of your studio or sewing space and send them to Kathy Nutley by the end of this month to be included in the February Newsletter!

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