Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notes from SAQA-CT Regional Meeting (Guilford, CT)

Saturday, July 23rd marked the 3rd SAQA-CT Regional Meeting this year.  Organized by CT Rep Diane Wright, we met at 10AM at the Guilford Art Center’s Mill Gallery in Guilford, CT.   This month we’d also like to welcome our newest CT members: Timi Bronson, Mary Lyn Page and Marilyn Davidson.  Welcome to SAQA!!

AlpertFay_TreeShadow About 30 members and their guests gathered around to hear fiber artist Liz Alpert Fay talk about her background in fine art and quilting which developed into a passion for contemporary hooked art.  Liz took us on a tour of the Guilford Art Center’s current exhibition “on Higher Ground”, which features hooked artwork by Fay and 3 other artists - Leslie Giuliani, Tracy Jamar and Constance Old.

During breaks, we admired the hooked art as well as the SAQA Trunk Show on display in the Mill Gallery.

Later Barb McKie presented her 3 year study on fabrics and fusible materials that have been exposed to direct sunlight.  Members filled out surveys, evaluating the differences in color and softness of different fabrics.

klebaumPamelaPriceSAQA business focused mainly on the potential for a CT regional exhibition of fiber art.  Since this is just the idea phase, no specifics have been decided yet.  The actual exhibition may take place one or two years from now.  Those in attendance came up with some great ideas and suggestions on moving forward.  It seemed like most people would prefer the exhibition to feature only CT members (and dual members who include CT).  The hope is that we can get enough participation in-State to assure a high quality collection of work.

There are quite a few issues to resolve, but CT members are energetic and creative!  Several people have already stepped forward to act as Chairpersons, to gather information on potential venues and develop an exhibition plan.  We will continue the discussion at future meetings, keeping everyone in the loop as the plan takes shape.

A delicious lunch was provided by “La Cuisine” in nearby Branford, CT.  Thank you Barb Adams for arranging that!

mossKrisGregsonAfter lunch we had “Show & Tell”; almost every person who came brought along some work to share.  The meeting adjourned at 2PM.  Diane provided maps so members could head to other fiber-related attractions in the Guildford area.

Thank you EVERYONE who worked to organize this wonderful event and to all the members & friends who participated!  We’re hoping to schedule the next regional meeting for September/October 2011, and would like members to share suggestions on where to meet.  Please send your ideas and suggestions to your CT Reps, Diane Wright or Kate Themel.

A review and photos from the SAQA-CT meeting can also be found on Diane Wright’s blog:  http://dianewrightquilts.blogspot.com/2011/07/saqact-summer-meeting.html

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