Friday, July 29, 2011

New Features on SAQA-CT Blog

New features have been added to this blog, keeping you informed about opportunities to see and exhibit Art Quilts in Connecticut and around the New England/Metro NY area.

At the top of the page you’ll notice 3 tabs.  (“Home” brings you here, to the latest blog postings.)  Click on “Calendar” to see a calendar of quilting and fiber art events in CT and New England.  “Calls for Entries” is a running list of fiber-friendly art shows & exhibitions in the New England/NY area which you may be eligible to enter.

Feel free to use the comments section to submit an addition to the list, provided it is quilting/fiber art related and located in the Northeastern USA.  Make sure to include the title of the event, location, relevant start/end dates, times and contact information.  Let’s keep each other up to date so we can support our fellow artists and take advantage of all Connecticut has to offer! 

New Book by SAQA-CT Artist Dawn Allen

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