Trove of Twelves

SAQA CT:  Our Trove of Twelves (2020)

This is a companion exhibit to our signature exhibition Local Color: 3Rs which will begin traveling in 2020.  Submissions are accepted at the January 11, 2020 and March 7, 2020 SAQA CT membership meetings. 

For “Our Trove of Twelves”, members of SAQA CT are encouraged to dig into their trove of 12 x 12’s or create new pieces and submit for showing.

Purpose: Educate the public on the variety of techniques used by fiber artists.

Theme: No specific theme requested.

Venue: The Slater Memorial Museum, and other venues to be determined.

·        12 x 12s should be on stretcher bars/canvas, be wired, and be ready for hanging
·        Works must be in good showing condition and submitted in a cover/bag labeled with the artist’s name.
·        Each piece should be submitted with a brief (20 word) description of the technique(s) used
·        Members may submit up to 3 entries
·        Non-juried showcase

Entry Fee$10 for up to three (3) entries

Entry Dates:  January 11 and March 7, 2020 at SAQA CT membership meetings

Exhibition Committee Contact:
If you have any questions about “Our Trove of Twelves”, please contact:
Maureen Lopes at

***Based on available wall space and entries received, the exhibition committee reserves the right to further curate submissions to fit into the show. Additional venues to Slater Memorial Museum may become available.

                                                                                                            Updated October 18, 2019

----Entry Form Below----
SAQA Connecticut 
Our Trove of Twelves

Artist Information

Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________    State: ______________Zip code: __

Email address: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone number (will not be published): ___________________________________________________

Artwork Information:

1.    Artwork Name: ______________________ Price: _______Not for Sale: ___

Techniques Used (20 words max):____________________________________________

2.    Artwork Name: ______________________ Price: _______Not for Sale: ___

Techniques Used (20 words max) :____________________________________________

3.    Artwork Name: ______________________ Price: _______Not for Sale: ___

Techniques Used (20 words max) :____________________________________________

Dropped off by: ___________________   Drop off Date:_______________

Picked up by:______________________ Pick up Date: ________________


Exhibition Committee Use Only

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