Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Margaret Phillips and Mayann Weinberg Participate in “The Jewelry Quilt Project” Invitational Exhibition

SAQA-CT Artists Mayann Weinberg and Margaret Phillips will exhibit their work in the special exhibit “Jewelry Quilt Project” at the Quilt Fest of New Jersey VIII.

The show will run from March 1-4, 2012 in Somerset, New Jersey.

Phillips_InuitJewelry(image: Inuit Jewelry by M.Phillips)

More About The Jewelry Quilt Project:

The Jewelry Quilt Project is an international quilting project consisting of 90 quilts, each a cultural interpretation of one of 30 categories of jewelry. Each quilt is approximately 20 x 20 inches in size.

Of the invited participants, 30 came from Japan, 30 from France and 30 from the United States. The exhibition was curated by quilt makers Izumi Takamori (Japan), Marie-José Michel (France), and Drunell Levinson (U.S.). Exhibition of the quilts began in Yokahama, Japan.

Japan hosted two exhibitions before the quilts traveled to Bihorel, France. The show was covered by the local television station:

The first exhibition of the Jewelry Quilt Project in the U.S. will take place at the Quilt Fest of New Jersey, March 1-4, 2012. Photos of the quilts and a description of the categories of jewelry and in the exhibition can been seen on the “Jewelry Quilt Project” page on Facebook here:

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