Sunday, September 25, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction Update – Moving on to the Last Phase

WarnerBTwo weeks have gone by and SAQA has sold 178 pieces and raised over $34,000!  There is only one week left, with quilts in Section 3 up for bid Monday, September 26th at 2PM:

On Monday September 26th, SAQA will open Section 3

Quilts on pages 3a and 3b will be up for bid starting at $750.  Section 3 includes Connecticut artist Betty Warner’s quilt “Two Shells” (image, upper right).

Masopust - Sun FireYou will find artwork by well known fiber artists as well as SAQA’s new-comers. There is something for every taste and style to decorate your home or office. 

Kleeman - No Way OutQuilt National ‘11 award winners Katie Pasquini-Masopust and Catherine Kleeman have donated artwork to SAQA’s cause; this will be Katie’s and Catherine’s fifth year participating in the auction.

(upper left: “Sun Fire” by K. Masopust; middle right: “No Way Out” by C. Kleeman)

Nancy Turbitt has entered her first auction with a stunning expression of sunflowers (“Girasole”, lower left). Another first time participant Martha Hall donated the whimsical “Cheerily, Cheeriup, Cheerio” (lower right)

Hall - Cheerily, Cheeriup, CheerioTurbitt - GirasoleThese are just a few examples of the beautiful work you’ll find, done by SAQA’s fiber artists.

Please take some time (and encourage your friends) to visit SAQA’s website and consider bidding on one of these lovely 12x12 quilts to help support fiber art.

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