Monday, July 5, 2010

Fiber Art by Liz Alpert Fay – at Peter’s Valley Craft Center (Layton, NJ)

Quoted from: Liz Alpert Fay’s Newsletter “TEXTILE ART NEWS”

Surrounded by vast open fields, flowing streams, and tranquil ponds, there exists a place where creators come to learn, teach, and share their art. Peter's Valley Craft Center, located in Layton, New Jersey, is currently celebrating its 40th year, and undergoing a rebirth under its new director, celebrated ceramic artist Kristen Muller. tree skirt

The center's 40 acre campus is home to the newly renovated Sally D.Francisco Gallery, a beautiful vintage building, complete with simple white washed walls, dark, hand hewn beams and wide, rustic floor boards.

I feel this is the perfect setting for an exhibit of my most recent work. Scheduled to run from August 14th through September 26, 2010, the solo show entitled "Woodland Wanderings" consists of two series of wall hangings, as well as selected sculpture.

"Woodland Wanderings" explores the parallels between art and nature, and suggests that closer inspection of both is required to fully appreciate the depth of beauty within.  It is my hope that this work will spark a new awareness of the world around us and encourage the viewer to consider our natural environment with renewed respect.

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