Monday, July 13, 2009

Creative Block? Consider taking an art class

Every artist experiences that "creative slump" once in a while. Maybe you've looked at the same stack of fabric for so long it's about as inspiring as your old laundry. How do you break out of it? One way is to remember that visual art is governed by basic elements, and those elements are the same for any medium whether it's fiber, charcoal, paint or photography.

If you want to improve your work as a fiber artist, keep in mind that you are not limited to quilting and fabric-making classes.
What's more, taking a traditional art class can help you develop skills outside the studio.

Two reporters from The Boston Globe explored the benefits of art classes in public schools. The following article presents a comprehensive look at the benefits of art classes.
And although the article is a few years old, it is relevant today for students as well as adults.

Art for our sake: School arts classes matter more than ever - but not for the reasons you think

By Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland/The Boston Globe/ September 2, 2007
"In our analysis, we identified eight 'studio habits of mind' that arts classes taught, including the development of artistic craft. Each of these stood out from testable skills taught elsewhere in school.One of these habits was persistence: Students worked on projects over sustained periods of time and were expected to find meaningful problems and persevere through frustration. Another was expression: Students were urged to move beyond technical skill to create works rich in emotion, atmosphere, and their own personal voice or vision."

"Observational drawing requires breaking away from stereotypes and seeing accurately and directly....Seeing clearly by looking past one's preconceptions is central to a variety of professions, from medicine to law."
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You can find basic art classes like drawing, painting and pottery all over Connecticut. Some of them are offered at a very low cost or may be free with certain memberships or museum passes. But even at full price, consider classes as an investment in yourself as an artist. Scroll down the right-side menu of this page under "Art Instruction in CT" for some ideas to get started.

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