Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Artist Spotlight: Meet Phyllis Small

"The Artist Spotlight" is a new feature on the SAQA-CT blog. 

During this pandemic, we are all trying to stay safe and keep others safe. Social distancing and avoiding large groups make it impossible to hold regional meetings for now. As artists, we often find ourselves isolated in the studio. So maybe we are better prepared to shelter in place. But that doesn't mean we don't miss our regional get togethers! It's important to keep in touch and stay connected as a group. But for now we'll need to find creative ways to do that without seeing each other in person.

Check in with us at least once a month, to get to know your fellow CT artists. We will highlight one artist at a time, sharing their thoughts and photos of their work. All interviews will be saved on the "Artist Spotlight" page of this blog, so you can easily find them. 

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

From your SAQA-CT Reps
Kathy Nutley
Kate Themel

To kick off this new tradition, please welcome Phyllis Small, from West Hartford, CT
(This interview is featured in the June 2020 Newsletter)

Check Phyllis' Facebook page to view her "Quarantine Quilts":

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