Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Congratulations to The Artists in Local Color 3

The following artists were juried into "Local Color 3: Inspired by Science".
Congratulations to all the exhibiting artists. Thank you to all the artists who submitted their artworks to be considered for the show.

Artist                                          Title of Artwork
1.               Judy Ross                         Wind in My Sails
2.     Barbara Mckie                     Hanging Out Down Under
3.     Anna Tufankjian                  Visionary
4.     Evelyn Knight                       X-Ray Vision
5.     Cathy Whall-Smith              Leaves Turning Brown
6.     Kathleen Bagioni                 Wonder: To Infinity and Beyond
7.     Mary Lachman                    Cellular Organelles

8.     Judy Ross                               Synapse
9.     Cathey LaBonte                   On Brave Wings She Flies in Her Fierce Battle Against the Thief of Her Mobility
10.   Christina Blais                     Moonstruck
11.   Diane Wright                        Evermore
12.   Rita Daley-Hannafin           Beauty & The Beast
13.   Diane Wright                        Honey Bee Armageddon
14.   Hope Barton                        Viruses for Which We Have Vaccines
15.   Clara Nartey                        Under The Microscope #2
16.   Kate Themel                        Stars Not included
17.   Mary Lachman                    Into the Cosmos
18.   Barbara Mckie                     Observe and Discover
19.   Judy Ross                              Neurons
20.   Christina Blais                     Sun Portrait
21.   Meredith Brooks                 Venus
22.   Dawn Allen                           Mail Truck
23.   Phyllis Small                         Irma vs. FL Power Grid
24.   Phyllis Small                         Moments That Took Our Breath Away
25.   Cher Hurney                        Save the Monarchs