Friday, June 3, 2016

Thought about teaching?

Teaching workshops is a wonderful way to hone your art quilting chops, share your skills and techniques, get your name out into the world, inspire other people...and maybe pick up a tiny bit of cash in the process. We have quite a few SAQA-CT members who hold workshops regularly (for example, I'm signed up for an upcoming Carol Eaton fabric painting workshop! I'm so excited!). Laurie Russman just had a really interesting post with some things she's learned from teaching. I hope that you'll all consider holding some sort of workshop of your own at some point. And if you're already teaching, don't forget to drop me a line w details to post here on the blog for you!

New Book by SAQA-CT Artist Dawn Allen

Attention cat lovers, practitioners of meditation and fans of fiber art! SAQA-CT artist Dawn Allen has published a new book The A...