Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Challenge for SAQA CT Artists!

Hard to believe that we have to start thinking "Holiday Tree" during this wonderful Spring/Summer weather we have been enjoying!
But this is a great opportunity for all of our SAQACT members.

Catherine and Barb

FROM: The New Britain Museum of American Art – Tree Decorating Committee: Anna Tufankjian, Laurie Dhandapani, and Ann Marie Gontarz

(image: A paintbrush-themed holiday tree at NBMAA in 2013)

At our May 24th SAQA meeting, we received your enthusiastic response to the request to provide fiber art decorations for this year's quilting-themed holiday tree at New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA).  

Since the NBMAA exhibit "Stitching in time - American quilts 1758 to 2014" will be held between October 2014 - January 2015, this is a wonderful opportunity and venue for your work to be seen by an appreciative audience.

Suggested SIZE and SELLING PRICE*: 
(Note: New Britain Museum receives a 40% on all sales)

4" x 6"  - $25.00
7" x 9" - $100.00
12" x 12" - $125.00

*You may list your artwork as (NFS) OR you may set your own price for your piece.  Please contact Anna Tufankjian if you wish to vary the standard size or price.

You may submit more than one piece – pieces that are not hung on the tree will be for sale in the Museum store. 

THEME and COLOR are up to you.

CONSTRUCTION: Must be sturdy enough to maintain its shape with one center hook on the back. (e.g. ornament hook thru a small plastic ring.)

DEADLINE:  October 15th, 2014 (Must arrive at the Museum by this date)

Mail to:
The New Britain Museum of American Art
Attn: Holiday Decorating Committee, Sarah Rohlfing
56 Lexington Street
New Britain, CT 06052

Your ornaments may be dropped off at our next SAQACT meeting which is scheduled for Saturday, August 23rd.

Even if you signed up during our May 24th meeting, PLEASE contact Anna Tufankjian BEFORE AUGUST 1st to confirm that you will participate, and please include the number of pieces you think you will submit.

This information will be added to our blog, for future reference. Look for the NBMAA Fiber Art Tree tab above.  Thank you everyone!

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