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Meeting Notes: March 22 at Guilford Art Center (Guilford, CT)

GACbldgNotes courtesy of SAQA-CT Rep Catherine Whall Smith 

SAQACT Regional Meeting
arch 22, 2014
The Guilford Art Center
411 Church Street
Guilford, CT

First item of business: Please welcome our new members Marcia Kilpatrick and Mary Macilvain! 

Meeting opened at 10:00 AM with 40 members and 10 guests in attendance.  Barb Adams shared her secret recruiting technique – stand in the check-out line of Joanne’s Fabric Store and engage the person next to you with SAQA membership stories – it worked!!!

UPDATE on Windham Textile and History Museum (WTHM)

Our next Regional Meeting will be Saturday, May 24th 2014 at the Windham Textile and History Museum from 10:00 a.m. 2:00.
411 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226 

At 1:30 on March 24, we have been invited to join the public at the Opening Reception of "Inspiration Quilts: Then & Now".  This is the  WTHM 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION which also coincides with SAQA’s 25th Anniversary.


The exhibition includes fiber art by SAQA members: Rita Hannafin, Pat Ferguson, Diane Wright, Barbara McKie, Kate Themel, Norma Schlager, Catherine Whall Smith and Melanie Johnston.  Other invited artists include Hope Barton, Alice Means, Donna Mclaughlin and Barbara Barber.  Each modern fiber artist was inspired by one of the antique quilts in the museum’s collection.

The museum will also display a special anniversary quilt which includes thread-themed blocks by 19 participants: Anna Tufankjian, Antonia S. Torres, Barbara McKie, Carol Vinick, Catherine Whall Smith, Clara Nartey, Diane Wright, Elizabeth Warner, Judy Ross, Kate Themel, Linda Huppelsberg, Mary F. Lachman, Rita Hannafin, Rosalind Spann, Trish Hodge and Virginia Millington.  The blocks were assembled by Catherine Smith and Michele Palmer and quilted by Pat Ferguson.  The finished quilt will become part of WTHM's permanent collection.

Jennifer O’Brien submitted a cross stitch sample of CT which will be part of the display booklet for the show.  The book explains how/why these quilters made the spool block that they submitted.

One more way for our members to participate in the WTHM Show: The Windham Textile & History Museum's - 25th Anniversary post card challenge. See "WTHM Postcard Challenge" tab on this blog for more information.

"LOCAL COLOR" Quilts were returned to the artists

Diane and David Wright collaborated to produce a DVD as a special gift for each “Local Color” participant. The DVD includes images of the quilts at different venues, set to music.

Barb Adams presented Diane and Kate with beautiful colorful scarfs as a token of our members thank-you for all their hard work and dedication in getting our first show off the ground.  There will be another juried show for our CT members tentatively scheduled for 2016.  “Local Color” will kept as the brand name, with subtitles to distinguish future shows.  For example "Local Color: Currents".  Themes and titles are still being discussed.  Feel free to share your suggestions. 

Barb Adams introduced our panel

Jane Davila, Kate Themel, and Mickey Lawler who shared their personal stories and their “Art Journey” as well as tips on pricing your Art.

Members Show and Tell

DELICIOUS Lunch at Noon and vendor set-up

Vendor Tables Open

THANK YOU TO CAROL EATON, JENNIFER O’BRIEN, DIANE WRIGHT, and KENDALL STORM who originally VOLUNTEERED to “brainstorm” ideas on adding opportunities for our members to share their wares and support local art centers e.g. The Guilford Art Center.

Thank you to our Vendors: Rita Hannafin /Cathy Smith, Carol R Eaton, Kate Themel, Jane Davila, CT Fiber Arts Collective, Mickey Lawler, Sisters in Cloth, Barbara Dierolf (who was unable to set up but made a table donation anyways) and anyone who donated fabric and notions to the SAQA Donation Table.

Due to this event SAQACT will be adding $246 to our regional account – yeah!

The meeting wrapped up at 2:00 PM

REMINDERS:  PRO Chemical & Dye workshops  - visit for more information on up-coming March through October 1014 Artist workshops

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