Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photos from the Local Color Exhibition at WCSU

One of the reasons curators Diane Wright and Kate Themel wanted Local Color to be a traveling show was to give people from all around Connecticut a chance to see it.  If you missed the premiere exhibition at Western CT State University (WCSU) Haas Library, hopefully you will be able to make it to another venue.  The Legislative Office Building in Hartford will host the show until July 31.  After that you'll have to wait until November to see it at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich.

Each location presents its own logistical challenges, therefore the arrangement and flow of the show can vary with each venue.  Captains Mayann Weinberg and Margaret Phillips had to arrange the artwork within the library environment.  Here Jeanne Marklin's Blowin' Glass and Pat Ferguson's Local Color of CT compliment the geometric patterns and colors of the books.

Please enjoy more photos from the show at Haas Library in Danbury, Connecticut, courtesy of Mayann Weinberg. 

Artists and viewers celebrated the opening of Local Color with a catered reception. 
Diane Wright's Town Green and Barb McKie's Woodland Visitors are seen in the background.

The artwork added color and energy to the library's quiet reading areas.  Quilts (from left to right): Winter Marsh by Barb Adams, Cabbages and Kings by Norma Schlager, Thimble Islands Extract by Diane Wright, The Path by Betty Warner and Melting by Jeanne Marklin

Heating up the Hay by Cathy Smith, left and Forsythia by Ruth Anne Olson, right

Mayann and Margaret designed this lovely banner to welcome and inform visitors about the show.  To the left of the banner is Science Center by Kate Themel, to the right Barnum by Deirdre Abbotts. Rita Hannifin's Storm-tossed Memories hangs to the left of the elevator doors.

The library's columns provided a perfect surface for smaller work, such as Barbara Drillick's Red Fern and Gail Kotowski's Metropolis.  Mayann Weinberg's Uno Dos Tres and Judy Ross' Freak October Snowstorm can be seen on the far wall.

Seen here, Public Transportation by Cathy Smith and Backyard Color by artist and Sew-Craft sponsor Jennifer O'Brien.

These colorful pieces brightened the day for many library employees.
Top to bottom and left to right: American Chad by Christina Blais, Rounding the Mark in Stonington Harbor by Sandra Fromson, Reflection by Rosalind Spann, Take a Bow by Kendell Storm and Marsh With Cranes by Trish Hodge.

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Haas Library show.  Of course, it can't compare with seeing these beautiful quilts in person!

Coming soon – photos from the exhibition at the Legislative Office Building in downtown Hartford.

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